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Gallery Walls - Framing and Displaying your Collection

Erin Salguero

What constitutes a collection? Is it your children's school arts pieces? Is it a growing art collection? Holiday mementos or family portraits? Why can't it be all of the above? It can! Your collection can be anything you want it to be. What speaks to you and brings you joy? How do you present this collection?

This is where building a great relationship with your framer can help. A great framer will take the time to get to know you? Learn about what is most important to you and through that journey help you present and showcase your story.

Gallery hang old photos custom framing brisbane.jpg

As a designer I can not express how important framing is in the design of your home. It is the finishing touches that bring you into the space. Who you are, your journey, your story. Occasionally there are family heirloom pieces of furniture etc that bring that also but it is these special memories that are truly only yours. Family photos, mementos from holidays, medals, degrees. All the trinkets that make a house a home.

With this in mind, gallery walls are a great way to tell this story.

Be inspired here to learn more about the why and how of gallery walls and using the large blank canvases of your home to create your work of art!

gallery hang holiday snaps brisbane.jpg